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Some Questions before you Sign-up?

Enrolling on a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is a huge step. We are thrilled that you are thinking about doing it with Serenity Yoga on Lembongan.

We understand it is a big commitment both in time and money.

What is involved?, is my teacher a certified yoga instructor? and importantly will I be able to teach yoga upon completion of my course? are all very valid questions and we hope we have covered those and much more here on our FAQ page.

You can of course contact us at any time with your own questions.

I want to be a yoga teacher where do I start?

Congratulations on making this potentially life-changing decision!

We recommend that you begin by enrolling in a Yoga Alliance Registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It’s something like a yoga bachelor’s degree!  Once you complete your 200-hour training, you might feel ready to teach right away.

You will be certified as an RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance (once you register with them and pay your fee). This is really just the beginning of your yoga journey though and allows you to simply teach yoga, not workshops or assist on YTT programs etc. For this reason, many trainees choose to continue their studies by enrolling in a 300-hour training to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Completing a 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is like getting a master’s degree. It will prepare you to become a seasoned specialist or leader in your yoga community, capable of offering your own trainings at any level?

There are many great opportunities out there to become a yoga teacher. What sets Serenity Yoga training apart?

Firstly, our faculty is beautiful and perfectly calming and inspiring all at once. We have created a sanctuary in which you will study with and practice yoga with like minded travellers, inspiring each other along the way. Our Shala is located in the middle of a beautiful jungle garden, in an open air space surrounded by nature – plants, coconut trees, birds, geckos all around us. We are just footsteps from the healing powers of the ocean, and make a point of exploring the possibility of bringing our yoga to the water as often as we can.

RYS200 LogoOur school is the only yoga school in Nusa Lembongan that is an RYS (Registered Yoga School) with the Yoga Alliance, the governing body of YTT Programs.

Lead trainer Caroline, is an E-RYT 500, and RYT 500 qualified teacher, also registered with Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching and sharing yoga for over 6 years now, as well as teaching YTT 200 Hour Programs for over 2 years, and currently teaches hundreds of public classes each year. She has fact over the course of her teaching experience taught well over 4000 hours of public and private classes, workshops and retreats, far exceeding the Yoga Alliance requirement of 2000 hours and 2 years experience to be able to be a Teacher on a YTT Program.

E-RYT500 LogoCaroline is comfortable with how to affect change on a person-to-person level, and here at Serenity Yoga, that’s the kind of teacher who makes a difference in students’ lives. Somebody who can share their wealth of practical experience as an E-RYT 500 Teacher, is invaluable to the student as they learn to develop their own style. By contrast learning from someone who is just beginning their own journey as a relatively new Yoga Teacher, will not allow the fullest of learning experience for their student. After all, yoga teacher training (200 Hours) is just the beginning of your journey as a teacher.

Next, our curriculum focuses squarely on training unique and inspiring teachers and leaders. You’ll focus on identifying and improving your strengths as a teacher… not merely on conforming to a particular style of practice. Participate in lectures, discussions, practice drills, and activities designed to help you make your language more effective, manage classrooms, and transform yourself and others. This is where the magic begins! Many programs simply teach you the basics. At Serenity Yoga we will enable you to go far beyond the outline Yoga Alliance presents, taking you to a whole new inspired level of being a confident, value add, inspiring and influential yoga teacher!

Finally, there’s our studio community. We’re one of the most diverse yoga schools in Nusa Lembongan serving hundreds of students at differing levels and experience each month. That means when you study with us, you benefit from the studentship, support, and uniqueness of a thriving extended family… and a reputation of excellence, personal connection, and integrity. Our students become our teachers on a daily basis, and their support for you on your personal journey will be immense! As a participant in our 200-hour YTT, you can access our rich pool of classes, and experience skilled teachers on a wide variety of yogic paths. Experience the difference that Serenity Yoga can make!

What is the SYL certificate?

Upon successful completion of the Serenity Yoga Lembongan Teacher Training, trainees will receive a certificate as an acknowledgement of their completion of our course. This is the first step toward teaching. With this certificate, new teachers can begin the process of refining their skills as yoga teachers.

Trainees will also receive their Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certification (RYT200) as soon as they apply for it and pay a registration fee.

Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certification offers the added benefit of a listing on their website and the recognition of a national certifying body. Yoga Alliance certification is also a requirement for employment at many yoga studios.

What style of yoga is taught?

At Serenity Yoga Lembongan we teach Vinyasa Flow 200 Hour YTT Programs.  Vinyasa translates from Sanskrit as “to place” in a “unique way” which allows us the beauty of being able to play with sequencing as well as the learning of the individual asana. For the details around our course please read our information pack.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga after completing the training with Serenity Yoga?

Yes! Once you’ve successfully completed the 200-hour requirements, you will receive a graduation certificate from Serenity Yoga Lembongan. You may also register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level. Many new teachers also choose to continue their education by enrolling in our 300-hour professional yoga teacher training program shortly after or at a later date. Upon completion of this advanced curriculum, you will be eligible to enrol with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings. More and more yoga studios across the world are requiring their teachers to register with Yoga Alliance, either at the 200 or 500 Hour level.

Yoga Alliance registration, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. However it is necessary for your school of choice where you attend your YTT to be registered as a RYS (Registered Yoga School) for you to be able to sign up with Yoga Alliance in the future.

If you take a YTT course with an unregistered school or unregistered teachers, then your studies will not be eligible or in line with Yoga Alliance standards. Most employees of yoga teachers require their teachers to hold a Yoga Alliance membership to show that they recognize and follow recognized standards.

Is Serenity Yoga Lembongan a Registered Yoga School (RYS)?

Yes! Serenity Yoga Lembongan is an RYS and eligible to teach Yoga Alliance accredited 200 Hour YTT Programs.

Serenity Yoga Lembongan is currently the only yoga school in Nusa Lembongan who is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Is the Lead Trainer of the YTT registered with Yoga Alliance, and qualified to teach us?

Yes, our Lead Trainer is a RYT 500 and E-RYT 500 Teacher, which means that she has been a teacher for over 4 years, and has over 2000 hours of teaching (which is the minimum requirement for a yoga teacher to be teaching a YTT).

Our Lead Trainer has over 6 years experience of teaching students at all levels, across a range of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Fly High Yoga and SUP Yoga. She has taught well over 4000 hours of public and private classes, as well as 2 years of teaching YTT programs and workshops and retreats.

How long will it take me to complete my certification?

Our program is a 30 Day Program, and we encourage you to recognize that completion is just the start of your journey as a yoga teacher and will always inspire you to keep learning and growing and developing from here onwards to be the best version of yourself that you can.

We strongly believe that quick immersion programs – where you can enter day one with minimal yoga experience and leave 21 days later a certified yoga teacher – do not allow sufficient time to study deeply and integrate your new knowledge and skills in a lasting or effective way.

This program is designed to help ensure that you maximize the retention and full integration of all you learn, thereby giving you the best return on your investment of time, money, and energy.

What is the certification process?

First, complete all the required hours.

Second, take and pass the weekly tester exams.

Along the way you are also required to take a mid-term exam after completing the first 100–hours of your studies. Based upon this and other course work and observations, our Lead Trainer will review your exam with you in detail and give you individualized guidance in preparing for the final certification exam.

It is expected that you are successful in mid term exams, weekly tester exams, and practical test exams, as well as having practised a 60-90 minute class three times on the public prior to your final exam.

If you have not met these requirements two days prior to the final exams, then you will not be eligible to take these exams and may take them in a future YTT training instead.

Your final practical exam is your 90 minute class to the public, and your final written test is a 2 Hour Written Exam to ensure you understand fully anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, and practical teaching skills. You may have the opportunity to take these exams a second time only if needed. After this you will be required to attend the next available YTT to conclude the certification process.

Do I need to develop my asana practice ahead of coming?

Yes, there will be an expectation that you come to the YTT with a strong existing and consistent yoga practice. Our program is intense and there is not time to be developing strength and learning to develop a personal practice at this time. This will be part of your journey prior to starting your YTT.

Experience in yoga before YTT?

On the one hand, we do not specify that yoga teachers be advanced yoga athletes, but we do strongly recommend that teacher trainees have at least one year of consistent asana practice. The more comfortable you are as a yoga practitioner, the more you will be able to focus on the teaching and transformational aspects of your training. If you are still learning the basics of yoga asana at the same time as learning how to teach you will find this course incredibly challenging and will potentially miss out on the personal development aspects.

There is an expectation that students are hungry for learning and growth, and are ready to take responsibility for themselves and the experiences that inspire them. We do not expect to need to be forcing students to study, or encouraging people to study outside of the content of the course itself. There is also an expectation that students will take an active interest in furthering their own personal yoga asana practice during the length of the 30 days, and such enthusiasm is always nurtured and grown when witnessed by teachers.

I want to enroll to develop my own practice is that ok?

No, the course is designed for those who wish to be teachers at this stage of their yoga journey.

When is the last date to register for the teacher training?

One month before the start date of the YTT Program. This is due to the volume of reading that is required before starting this 200 Hour intensive course. Without proper preparation ahead of arriving in Lembongan, students will find it hard to maintain their studies and catching up on pre-course reading.

Do I need to complete any homework prior to joining?

Yes, we will send a list of reading and it is important that you have read each of these books at least once prior to start date of YTT. It would be helpful also to have a basic understanding of anatomy before the course starts.

Even though it may seem awhile until the start of the course, please start this work as soon as possible and do some each day so that a regular study program is established by the start of the training.

How many students are in a teacher training session?

We will only accept a maximum of 10 students per lead teacher and 20 in total on our Serenity Yoga YTT programs. This decision has been taken to ensure that each student has maximum time to be able to both practice teaching suitably long yoga classes, while receiving continued feedback from both their peers and teacher. The aim of our YTT program is to be able to create students who are ready to be good teachers by the end, with the confidence to already shape and lead a value add 60 to 90 minute yoga class to the public.

How much time should I expect to spend on homework?

Expect to spend approximately 7 hours per week on written assignments, including completing a record of your own personal practice. Please note that this does not include the expectation of your personal reading into topics around yoga that are beyond our syllabus.

The homework is designed to support the material covered in class and help you integrate what is presented into your own practice and teaching.

This varies depending upon your level of commitment to your studies and your reading skills. Every week (and in preparation for the first sessions) you will receive a reading assignment. The amount of time this reading takes will depend on the assignment and you.

Will I have free time?

Yes, however expect to “eat, sleep, and breathe yoga” during your 30 Day program as one of our previous students told us!

Many students use their free time for reading, studying, and preparing for assessments. The more you are willing to put into this life changing experience, the more you will receive as a result. So come prepared to give 100% and be hungry to learn, to grow, and to develop on this magical journey!

Will I have opportunity to teach during training?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to teach with your fellow trainees under supervision from a senior teacher. Community classes taught by trainees are offered to the public during the training. As part of your required assessment, you must have practiced teaching your exam practical class at least 3 times prior to taking the practical exam, at least once with the Lead Trainer observing.

There is also a requirement that you receive feedback from those you have taught as well as the Lead Trainer.

You may also be able to teach on an ongoing basis if you choose to stay in Nusa Lembongan to develop your teaching experience in a supported environment.

Will my attendance alone be enough for me to pass the course?

Certification is not guaranteed simply by attending the Teacher Training program. You must pass the weekly tests, attend and participate in all posture clinics, lectures, be able to deliver clearly and safely a suitable sequence to the satisfaction of our Teacher, and demonstrate proficiency in the Yoga postures that you have been taught with an understanding of how to modify and deepen as necessary. A midterm exam will identify those students not meeting certifying standards and additional help will be available to them.

Two days prior to the final exams (written and practical) those students not meeting certifying standards will not be able to proceed to the final exams. They may be afforded additional opportunities for practice and certification where deemed appropriate, and can attend any of our future 200 Hour YTT programs in the future.

Please note that credits from our YTT program are not transferable to other schools offering YTT. This is a policy held by Yoga Alliance.

What happens if I miss a day?

You are strongly advised to attend all sessions. But we understand that this is a significant commitment and life happens! If you miss something, you will be required to make up the missed material by taking a private session with one of the Lead Trainers for an additional cost and/or completing homework.

We have a 95% attendance rule, so if you miss 5 hours worth of training, you may still graduate with your class. However if you miss substantially more than 5 hours, you may need to complete coursework in a future YTT training.

Can I bring my child with me to training?

It is not advisable to bring your child to the training with you. The 30 Day training is very intensive and you will have very little time to spend with family and friends. It has been tried in the past and without successful conclusion. Please review the daily schedule as outlined on our website.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Deposit and final payment are not refundable but they are transferable to the same program, until 90 days before the starting date of the training.

Accommodation cost will be fully charged if cancellation happens less than 15 days before arrival date.

We strongly recommend making sure your travel insurance will cover the cost of the course or package in the event you get sick.

What if I do not meet the qualifiying standards to be able to take my YTT final exams?

You will be invited to join us at Serenity Yoga for any of our future YTT programs, and join in with the new class. It will be dependent on your standard of learning as to how much of the program you will need to retake. We normally recommend that you attend the entire program again to enjoy the fullest opportunity to learn as much as you can. There is no additional cost to the student if they need to return for an additional YTT.

Are meals and accommodation included?

Our price includes teaching time only. However we work with Puri Kirana Bungalows where we are able to get you a good monthly rate as one of our YTT students. Price is  6,000,000 Rp for one month in a private room and 3,000,000 Rp for a bed in a twin room.

You can find cheaper options nearby for a room with fan and cold water.

We don’t offer food package any more as previous students fed back they prefered to have the choice.

Is continuing education required to keep my certification?

We feel that continuing education is extremely valuable and will inspire you as a teacher. The modest minimum requirement for a Yoga Alliance registered teacher is 30 CEU (continuing education credit) hours per year. We will be offering more advanced Teacher Trainings in the near future, as well as continuing education workshops and specialist courses.

Will you assist me in my career development as a yoga teacher?

Yes. First and foremost, we will ensure that you receive every opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to become an excellent yoga teacher.

Second, you will receive two hours of dedicated guidance from our Lead Trainer in assessing the best options for your immediate career development, starting with an assessment of your current preparation, interests, connections, and most promising options.

Third, you will receive thorough guidance in how to navigate the business and profession of yoga, covering everything from crafting yoga yoga resume, getting early teaching experience, developing relationships with studios and other yoga venues, getting insurance, negotiating compensation, and ways of sustaining yourself in the world as a yoga teacher.

What kind of ongoing support is there after the YTT?

All of our training graduates are welcome to continue contacting us regarding questions and support. We also offer a newsletter with articles, philosophy, recipes and discounts on future trainings and retreats.

What do I need to bring?

We suggest you bring a mixture of lightweight and warm, comfortable yoga clothing, layers are best, light sandals, swim wear, sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries and first aid kit, insect repellent, camera, alarm clock, torch, journal, water bottle, light raincoat or umbrella, and daypack.

Mats and props are available at the shala only so you might want to bring your own of you want to have your own practice in your room.

You will also need a laptop computer with a function for receiving WiFi in order to complete homework projects during the 30 Day program.

Should I bring any extra nutritional supplements?

It is a good idea to stock up on whatever nutritional supplements you take as you will have limited time for shopping. Electrolytes, nuts and seeds, and whatever you already know your body will need for fuel may be hard to purchase on our island, and you will not have time to travel to Bali to purchase. So please plan ahead your dietary requirements and bring with you what you may need.

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