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Bringing FLY HIGH YOGA to Nusa Lembongan!!!!


Welcome to the adventure of your life! Come and try out our new Fly High Yoga classes at Serenity Yoga Lembongan – we now have two classes every single week for you to enjoy!

Kick fear to the curb as you watch your energy levels rise, flexibility increase, back injuries reduce, and fun levels fly through the roof! Good times to be had yogis!



IMG_1327Fly High Yoga provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae.

The key to the fly high yoga system is the fly high straps which are suspended from the beams of our yoga shala ceiling. Using our swings we learn to invert and hang suspended in the air, along with endless ways in which we can work with and learn more about correct muscle activation and individual alignment. The swings also support your hips for forward bends and backbends.

IMG_2485Fly High Yoga helps you to move more freely, with less effort by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles and increases flexibility as well as taking us much deeper into our yoga poses. You will seriously start to feel which muscles you are engaging in your practice when you begin Fly High Yoga, and learn how to activate them properly in your standing practices as well!

Fly High Yoga strengthens core muscles, increases spine and shoulder flexibility and prevents back or neck strain while allowing us to explore new depths in our inversions and backbends!

It can also make you feel like a beautiful acrobat in a totally safe and supportive environment!

What are the benefits of Fly High Yoga?


Positive alignment


IMG_1028We sprinkle a lot of individual alignment work into our Fly High Yoga classes to ensure that yogis feel the muscles they need to engage to stand strong in their poses.

We learn how to create balance and where we need to strengthen or stretch more to make certain poses more accessible to us on our yoga mats – all without any tension on our bones and joints!

Sharpened focus


IMG_2548Balance is the first thing that we tend to lose when the mind wanders away.

Fly High Yoga insists that you allow yourself to be fully present in each moment that you find yourself.

This helps you to get deeper into your practice and switch off from the things that exist around you.

Joint decompression & flexibility


IMG_2546With Fly High Yoga we are able to get upside down and create some super amazing backbends and inversions without any tension on our bones, or compression in our spine.

We will leave our practice feeling taller, elongated as we create space in between each and every one of our vertebrae. Did you know we are taller in the morning than the evening due to this very philosophy?

All the walking and moving that we do in our day creates compression in our spines. By hanging upside down we get to release that with every breath we take!

Increased endorphin levels


IMG_0726Inversions make us happy! They quite literally invite us to take a new perspective on life – one from being upside down! So whatever was on our minds before our practice starts will instantly leave once we start to Fly High.

As well as changing our outlook, inversions are thought to increase our endorphin levels – which means we will leave yoga full of happiness and with a spring in our step!

Cardiovascular fitness


IMG_0054We often use our Fly High swings to introduce some core work and lunges and strength building exercises, which automatically gets our heart rate pumping increasing our cardiovascular fitness!

Increased muscular strength


When used well the Fly High swings can help to increase our muscular strength as well. We like to draw awareness to the individual muscles that we are working in each pose, and how we need to engage certain muscles in order to find stability, balance or core control for example.

With time, this makes us stronger as we also start to apply what we learn on the straps to our practice on the yoga mat as well.

Increased blood flow


By getting upside down in our Fly High practice we allow the blood to flow more effectively throughout our body.

Alleviate stress



All of these wonderful benefits combine to bring us overall peace for our mind, body and soul

– as well as lots and lots of fun times.

Fly High Yoga is the perfect tool for releasing oxygen and nutrients to the brain, allowing us to be free of all responsibilities and holding onto a youthful glow as we allow all tension to float away from the body!

Feel like an acrobat for a moment in time!


IMG_2820Who hasn’t dreamt about being in the circus? Now is your chance to explore and live out your wildest dreams in a safe and supportive environment. Practice getting upside down and swinging across the room just for fun, learning at the same time how to get the most from the poses that you are in!

Who can do Fly High Yoga?


The swing is designed for yogis of all ages, and yoga experience. No previous yoga experience, acro yoga, aerial or acrobatic experience is necessary.

IMG_2208Beginners will establish good alignment and be able to perform inversions and backbends on their very first class minus the risk of injury. Experienced yogis will be able to explore deeper stretches and more complex backbends and inversions.It is also extremely beneficial for people with prior or existing back injuries due to the elongation of the spine and release of tension.

Come and join us in paradise to try the magical Fly High Yoga!! Wednesday morning at 8am, and Sunday evening at 5pm.

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