My Yoga Experience – Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

My Yoga Experience – Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This is a blog entry by one of our recent Yoga Teacher Graduates from our 2018 Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training! A recount of her experience and time spent learning with us! Thanks so much Ruth.

My Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Experience!

Where to begin…

Looking back now, I feel incredibly grateful for the whole experience. I feel empowered and knowledgable but also aware of my limitations and all that I have still to learn, which I can’t wait for. My yoga practice has developed strongly and I have maintained this to a certain extent since the course but no where near as intensive, however (don’t tell Caroline!) but I really miss the intensity of timetabled Pranayama and 2 sometimes 3 Yoga classes in a day. I felt strong and powerful; mentally and physically as well as knowledgable by the end of the course. This was only due to the knowledge of Caroline and Lauren as well as my own determination and the support of my fellow trainee’s.

I want to be honest and say this course is not easy

The days are long and throughout the whole time in order to learn and revise and homework and attend all sessions, most of the time your brain is highly stimulated and this is very tiring. Time management is something required in my job back home but this course required it in spades and sometimes I did not hit the mark with the balance of this and this was sometimes difficult. However, the course content provides absolutely everything and more to become the best beginner Vinyasa teacher you can be.

Learning to be a confident and value add teacher

In comparison to many of my friends who have completed other courses, I am more confident and more able to take a class than others of a similar experience level to me. Carolines attention to detail in particular regards to cues and anatomy give you such an amazing base level of knowledge and cueing an entire 90 minute vinyasa class as the final practical exam, is something I continue to feel very proud of achieving.


The Location, Nusa Lembongan

The location in Lembongan is beautiful, I love this island. No one can not fall in love with this place. The people are fantastic, most of the staff at Sampan (the cafe opposite the accommodation (and the trainees sanctuary for 5 weeks) became friends very quickly and the accommodation we stayed is a stones throw from the beautiful shala and the staff were amazing. The shala and yoga garden is wonderful and it was a pleasure to study and practice in the breezy garden.


Things that I learned beyond the asana experience itself

For me I learnt patience and understanding, I am a strong but caring person who is very emotional. I found it difficult sometimes to maintain calm and understanding in circumstances that made me feel uneasy, confused or challenged. When you are in a small group of teachers and trainees all doing their absolute best but also under a lot of pressure, there will always be difficulties that crop up. We had a very close knit group of people all trying to do the best for each other and this heightened environment very occasionally created varying levels of emotion, both negative and positive.  But nothing in life is always in perfect harmony even though we try our best and often achieve it or at least nearly through our life’s yoga practice. I learnt that it is all of this that makes us who we are and develops our own Yoga teacher journey.  Many times we were asked ‘What Yoga Teacher do you want to be?’ and all these challenges and proud moments and knowledge and strength all contribute to this important question that will grow and change as we do.

A happy Yoga Teacher

If you want a fulfilling, challenging and intimate YTT course, you will have everything provided to make you the best teacher of this level by the end at Serenity. I’m very grateful to have completed it and my mum (who is my favourite and most loyal client) says that I am the only yoga teacher she has had that can cue her into positions without her needing to stop and look at me or others to figure out what’s going on. And if I can make my beginner Yogi Mum feel this confident with my cues, I am a very happy Yoga teacher.

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