My Yoga Experience – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

My Yoga Experience – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

“My experience on the YTT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa) at Serenity Yoga  Lembongan was a complex, rich, textured, learned and opening journey” – Linzy Nakorn, December 2017 – Linzy has written a beautiful blog of her experience during her 200 Hour Vinyasa training at Serenity Yoga Lembongan. Enjoy!

Living Your Yoga During Yoga Teacher Training!

As expected with any intensive experience it is intense!

You are living, breathing, sleeping, talking, feeling and experiencing yoga all day, everyday and for the time you are there it absorbs you, holds you, inspires you and sometimes, also feels like it has swallowed you whole only to then release you into the light again!

It is an experience that has opened up so many doors for me in my practice, ways of approach to movement, yoga and life in general. Caroline’s extensive knowledge of the practice allows you to be able to come away with  a comprehensive understanding of the body, philosophy, sequencing, structuring and methodology.

Why Yoga Teacher Training at Serenity Yoga Lembongan?

Class sizes are purposefully small at Serenity meaning that you have time to question, explore and discuss. I was drawn to the course for this reason as it allows for a more focused learning style which suited me well.

It goes above and beyond what is expected for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and allowed for me to explore many of the more spiritual elements of Yoga in a way that complimented my own philosophies and experiences whilst very knowledgeably informing my physical practice.

It fed well the geek in me that is continually fascinated by the human body!

Yoga Teacher Training & Svadhyaya

Challenges arose, of course and often in surprising places! I experienced so many light bulb moments that at times I felt like a light house.

Having to metaphorically sit with yourself and look yourself in the eye (as yoga requires us to do) for such an intensive period of time was at times uncomfortable and painful and other times it was beautiful, strengthening and full of warmth.


The days at Serenity are long and full and your evenings are also spent digesting physically, mentally and emotionally the learning and discoveries of the days.

It is not always easy, but it is worth it.


 Finding Moments of Serenity

Being able to run from the Serenity’s yoga shala straight into the arms of the Indonesian Ocean whilst the sun sets and the fishermen, surfers and local children run about in the surf also provided a perfect tonic to more challenging days.

The beauty of the island in which the school is located only adds to the richness of the experience, I felt my eyes were greeted by something inspirational or something that gave me food for thought each and every day. Magic!


Ultimately, upon completing my training, I have left feeling physically and mentally empowered to go forward with my Yoga practice both personally and as a teacher. I am inspired to continue my learning and have begun stepping into the Yoga teaching world, integrating my learnings into my already existent dance teaching practice and I am so excited to be able to share with, learn from and meet my future students, teachers and to experience my practice grow.

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