Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Join us in Paradise for our 50 Hour, Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga, Teacher Training to kick start your way into this brand new year with the wonderful gift of magical Yin working its way into your world!

January 6th – 12th, 2019

Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 50 Hours

You will eat, sleep and breathe YIN YOGA for 7 whole days and will leave ready to confidently teach a full 90 minute Yin Yoga class filled with creativity, powerfully emotive themes, accompanied by your new Chinese Meridian knowledge, Yin and Yang philosophy, mindfulness and intention.


What You Will Learn on our Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

☆Daily asana & meditation
☆Opening and closing class rituals
☆Yin yoga asana labs
☆Anatomy as appropriate to individual body
☆ Function vs Aesthetics
☆ Compression vs Tension
☆Chinese meridian theory
☆Daoist principles of yin and Yang, philosophy,
☆Art of sequencing
☆ Emotional aspects of Chinese Meridian Theory
☆ Appropriate use of props and adjustments

Our lead teacher, Caroline, is so excited to share over 7500 hours of teaching experience, and the passion and knowledge of her teacher Jo Phee. Her teacher one of the 1st certified yin yoga teachers in the world, previously a senior student & assistant to the founders of yin yoga themselves – Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley

Learn about the Emotional & Energetic Benefits of each of the Yin Yoga Asanas

Butterfly pose

One of our favourite YIN shapes! This pose creates such a deep release through the kidney and liver meridian lines of the inner thigh, and the urinary bladder meridian line running down the back side of the central axis of our body the spine

The ultimate pose to create energy, calmness, release any lingering fears, while we build a sense of grounding and stability. It also helps us to recharge and renourish ourselves when our energy levels start to run low and we need a lift! The kidneys are the organ that will help us to keep going and going, as they function like a back up power reserve for us. However, we are not superhuman so eventually that reserve comes ‘unexpectedly’ crashing down, in the form of fatigue, sickness, worry. All of which results in our bodies being forced to slow down so that we finally notice that we need to take care of ourselves!

In the Chinese Medicine world we believe that when the kidneys are in good health so are the rest of the organs. They are our storage site for our personal power and chi. For the pregnant woman or women who are menstruating it is believed that we are naturally depleting our kidney chi during this time, so it is vital that we spend time in shapes like butterfly to ‘recharge’ our energy. It is also believed that the kidney chi of the mother is passed down to the child, so ensuring that your own chi is strong will secure the health of your future children

What Should I Do Next?

Learn more about this, and all of the other Yin Yoga asanas during our 7 day Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training in January.

Email us at to secure one of our final spaces! Next course will be our 100 hour YTT in July/August 2019.

Read more here also on our website.


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